About Us


世界で唯一の繊維加工技術 「クレージング法」
The World’s Unique Technology for Fiber Processing

You can keep insects away, protect yourself from viruses. Just by wearing it.

オシャレとして着る衣類だけではなく、着ることで様々な機能を発揮する「機能性衣類」。 岐阜大学の研究室が特許として持つ、世界で唯一の繊維・フィルム加工技術を利用して、全く新しい機能・特長を持った衣料を開発しています。
“Functional clothing” is not only worn as a fashion statement but also has a variety of functions when we are wearing them. This is the unique fiber in the world processed by our patented technology at Gifu University. As using it, we are developing fabric with completely new functions and features.


Pursuing New Possibilities for Textiles


Compared to the dramatic changes in cell phones, fibers have been an integral part of human life for many years, yet there have been few new changes in their form and function. We are in contact with fibers 95% of the time in our daily lives. In order to make that time richer, we believe that it is essential to have fabrics that have various functions just by wearing them.
We will develop new functions and applications for textiles using our technology, and we will enrich our lives and contribute to solving social issues.